I'm Boycotting Brunch

Brunch: a weekend social staple specifically among millennial’s. Bottomless mimosas are flowing, french toast, quiche, along with chicken & waffles are being ordered so fast the kitchen is forced to tell the hostess not to seat anymore tables for another hour. The entire restaurant is full and the vibe has an infectious energy everyone wishes to be a part of. Don’t think for one second this hour wait will deter a group of determined brunchers from waiting it out. Trust me, they usually don’t mind the wait. Now, if they are skilled brunchers, the reservations would have already been made - but even the aristocrat of brunchers can be procrastinators or the decision of where to go was last minute. - I personally land somewhere in the middle of a skilled procrastinating bruncher. I digress)- The wait simply means there’s enough time for a photo-op before getting bloated and tipsy from mimosas. - not sure about anyone else but my tipsy photos are not cute - as I tend to get a severe case of the lazy eye.

Once seated, drinks are immediately ordered. . I’d like to know where the unspoken rule of mimosas being the official go to drink for brunch. - if you find out, please leave the answer in the comments section. The drinks are pouring and the conversation is flowing…

The food comes out and so do the phones. I mean what’s a bomb ass brunch if you don’t channel your inner food photographer. Once the photos are snapped the food is demolished, you’ve had the last drink you can squeeze in before you reach your personal limit. The waiter brings the check and you’ve managed to spend $35.00 on brunch. It’s roughly 3pm which only means I’m not going to be hungry for the typical dinner time, but i’ll be at the perfect level of starvation around 8pm. Oh and it’s only Saturday, so there’s another brunched lined up for Sunday with a different set of friends or the one home-girl that is so hard to catch up with.

Still waiting on the Boycott worthy factor? For some brunch is the best part of the week, and it’s clear to see why. However, I’ve decided to sit a few out for the sake of my pockets and waistline. So for now I’ll be watching brunch from the sidelines i.e. viewing stories and live videos via Instagram!

Brittney Star