I'm not here to be Positive - I'm here to be Human

Facebook reminded me it was the two year anniversary of when I started Pop Lifestyle. At that time my mission was to help women -like myself- tap into their Purpose and live a more fulfilling life. During this time P.O.P. stood for ‘Purpose Over Perfection’. All of which was onset by a quarter life crisis and the feeling of not knowing exactly how to navigate through life in a balanced fashion and living in ‘my purpose’.  With this, I began the journey of building a community full of positive vibes for positive women.


No one is this damn positive!

I was so eager to meet women, host events and have create a harmonious atmosphere.

Well,  constantly being positive got old REAL QUICK! I was no longer motivated to write positive quotes/articles or cultivate an atmosphere as such. As great as the initial concept was; it wasn’t the concept for me PLUS life isn’t always positive. Oftentimes circumstances are screwed up and need to be dealt without a positive bow on it. Anyway, I digress .... Ya girl went ghost 👻 for nearly a year: using that time to truly reflect on who I am, if I wanted a “platform” and the feeling I’d get from it.

Fast forward to this present moment. I realized I’m not the leader of a warm and fuzzy group - while I enjoy the benefits they bring, that’s simply not my vibe. What’s my vibe?… Welp, it’s being human. This means sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I like being in groups of people while most times I don’t!

The beautiful part about just being human is the realization that life is actually simple - whether it’s negative or positive .... our crazy asses just make it complicated

Image-1 (4).png

Still warm and inviting…

but I choose not to “brand” myself as such!