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about pop lifestyle

a platform created by brittney star with the intent of having one place to creatively chanel all of her personal interest/experiences, and not have to live a ‘digital double life’. 

My goal with Pop Lifestyle is to show it’s okay for people to embrace being multifaceted individuals, find a way to lay all their cards/interest on the table + making each one of them work in their favor!

Here I am, a Lifestyle Writing, Champagne Sipping, Trash Talking - newly certified Life Coach: highlighting Personal Development, Relationships, Career and, Lifestyle as they pertain to my life and my subscribers”.

I hope you leave the site with your champagne glass so full that you’ll come back for a refill!

- Brittney Star

Founder & Creative Director: Brittney Star, MCELC

Founder & Creative Director: Brittney Star, MCELC


the pull-ups

A newfound hobby of mine is visiting restaurants and bars (5-star hotel bars to be specific) where the ambiance takes precedence followed by the champagne & cocktail selection. Formerly called “meets-ups”, where the goal was to create an atmosphere for women to come together with the intent of uplifting and inspiring each other. While the aforementioned sounds warm & fuzzy, that’s not the space I want the responsibility of fostering.

I’ve since swapped the idea of scheduled meet ups to random impromptu “pull-ups”. The beauty in this is there’s no agenda, preconceived expectations, themes, but more importantly NO PRESSURE! 

If you follow me on social media and happen to catch my locale, pull up!  



not really into random nights out? i get it…

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